Navy League Lunch at USCG Station Cortez

On May 20 at noon the Sarasota-Manatee Council of the Navy League and the crew of USCG Station Cortez enjoyed a lunch of Hot Dogs and Burgers, potato salad, cole slaw etc.  The cooking was done by Pete Ross, Larry Balok, and Dennis Turner. Nel Rocklein and Fran St. Germain set up the rest of the meal.  

Chief Dan Benoit used this occasion to recognize four of his crew  who are detaching soon.  BMC Lee and MK1 Vetter received framed maps with appropriate USCG insignia. BM2 Sullivan and BM2 Pierantoni received paddles commemorating their service at Station Cortez.  It was a great day.  Weather was perfect and there was lots of camaraderie. 

BMC Lee receiving a memento of his service at USCG Station Cortez from BMC Benoit

MK1 Vetter receiving his memento of service at USCG Station Cortez from BMC Benoit

Paddle presented to BM2 Sullivan. A similar paddle was presented to BM2 Pierantoni.