News from USCGC Crocodile

24March 2014 

CGC CROCODILE recently wrapped up a 9 day Key West patrol in which CROCODILE served on the front lines in the nation's fight against illegal drug and human trafficking. Although the trip was all business, the crew did find one day to explore the historical Fort Jefferson which is located on Tortugas National Park. Fort Jefferson is a civil war era fort constructed of brick and includes several cannons and a moat that encompasses the entire fort. Tortugas National park is located approximately 70 NM west of Key West. As I currently type this story, CGC CROCODILE is back underway for another operational patrol. My wife and I certainly enjoyed and appreciate the dinner we attended last week in which the retired D7 Admiral gave a very informative and educational brief on the happenings in District 7. As always we on board the CROCODILE appreciate all you all do for us on a daily basis and can't thank you enough for your wonderful support.

Semper Paratus.

Thank you,

BMCS Buddy Gilbert
Officer in Charge